For Travel Agencies

For Travel Agencies

NDC API will enhance level of communication between airlines and travel agents, where travel agent will be able to showcase all the rich content and sell onboard services like Wi-Fi, food, legroom , entertainment along with other services like lounge , porter, taxi, hotel from its own website.

AT aggregator will provide content from both NDC and Non NDC airlines. This will help in smoother transformation and absolute no loss of business to OTA.

Airlines and OTA will be on different versions and they will upgrade/adapt at different timelines. NDC Adapter will keep all of them in sync and they can continue to function and exchange messages. It will also make non-NDC messages NDC compatible. Any legacy XML based reservation system can be made NDC enabled through NDC adapter.

For higher user engagement, inflect results with all on board and ground services an airlines is offering even if its not on NDC.

For higher user engagement, inflect results while booking with smart suggestions on how to best use your frequent flyer miles and which airlines have best frequent flyer rewards.

CMS will enable Airlines to manage content, offers, services etc which they can display on OTAs portal.

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